Monday, 20 December 2010

kiyoshi sakurazuka is a boy

before that lets we see his Photo first

Beautiful Right ?

and now let's we see his Profile

Name: kiyoshi sakurazuka

Real Name :澈樱冢 = Che Ying Zhong (CMIIW)

Birthday : April 4, 1984

Height : 160cm

Weight : 40kg

Blood type : A

Constellation : Aries

Gender : Male

Birthplace : Hunan, China

Graduate : Beijing Institute of Technology

Blog : Kiyoshi

so how is it? you still think he is a girl? 
surprising is'n it?
 think if ordinary people saw that picture maybe they can think that Kiyoshi is a girl

Here some of Kiyoshi picture

Kiyoshi when he become a boy

1 comment:

  1. The idea about Che(Kiyoshi Sakurazuka) was a male is make me sick, you should not spread something you have do not know yet. It is foolish to believe what we have not yet to see and know on the net!

    Kiyoshi Sakurazuka is always a female.


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